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                      Guangzhou fules Valve Technology Co., Ltd. specializes

                      in creating valve automatic control products

                      PRODUCT FEATURES

                      Good craftsman

                      The ultimate quality

                      SKILLED CRAFTSMEN

                      GOOD QUALITY

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                      Switch type, intelligent type, proportional type, remote control type and other signal output types are available.
                      Small size
                      The volume is only equivalent to about 35% of similar products.
                      Cheap people
                      The weight is equivalent to about 30% of similar products.
                      Reliable performance
                      Key parts such as bearings and electrical components are imported brand-name products.
                      Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, fine and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference.
                      PRODUCTION STRENGTH
                      We have always adhered to strict control over every link
                      Specialization strategy
                      Committed to product research and development, design, production, management, to meet customer needs with professional and efficient operations and services.
                      Specialized Products
                      Flexi Valve Industry started in 1978 and has been focusing on the development and production of valve automation products for more than 40 years.
                      Professional team
                      According to the needs of customers in different industries, it is equipped with a professional team of talents to conduct in-depth research and excavation of the characteristics of various systems to ensure that products and services meet the needs of industry customers.
                      Professional service
                      "Build a high-quality brand and create a first-class service."
                      Excellent brand    Create brilliance
                      Professionally create valve automatic control products

                      Hong Kong Fulais Automation Group (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of valve electric, pneumatic actuators, and automatic control systems.
                      For more than 40 years, the company has brought together elites in the field of valve electric actuators and automation products. With strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment and advanced testing instruments, it has accumulated extremely rich experience in the practice of producing various types of valve electric actuators and automation control products. In strengthening scientific modern management and combining high-tech development, All achieved excellent results.

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